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What makes a Shane Filan really diligent gig in Indonesia? Apparently, the answer is quite simple, fans! Yup, Shane admitted his fans who are also fans of Westlife in Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia. No wonder, four years later Shane Filan almost every year held a concert in several cities in Indonesia.

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, Shane Filan again held the second concert in Surabaya. Still, with LCR Enterprise promoter who in July last year also successfully held the inaugural concert of Shane in Surabaya, this year LCR Enterprise promoter with Spade Event Organizer chose Ciputra Hall in Citraland as concert venue theater concept.

Shane Filan’s open gate schedule “Surabaya Live in Concert 2018” is still at 18.00, but the Filaners have packed the concert area since 17.00. Most of them must be Westlife fans who come with their spouse, friends and even a few who invite their children to watch together!

At exactly 7:30 pm, the MC opened the concert with a little warm-up, the prizes games, followed by the cute performance of the kids who danced with the background of Westlife songs. Without a long wait, the neat Shane Filan wearing a black suit finally appeared and performed his first song “When You’re Looking Like That”, taken from Westlife’s second album “Coast to Coast”. Suddenly, the audience who previously sat sweetly in their respective chairs immediately joined the sing-along.

In the second song, “About You”, Shane admits this is his favorite song that is almost always sung in every concert. This song is the second single from her solo debut album “You and Me” she wrote with Steve Mac and Wayne Hector. Followed by “Unbreakable” taken from her latest album “Love Always” which really makes the audience mellow!

At the concert this time, Shane Filan more interactive with the audience, it could be because of the venue with theater concept that makes this concert seem more intimate. Almost in every song, Shane tells a little about the story behind the song, like the song “Beautiful in White” originally written for Westlife, and he was surprised because their fans could tell, and when at one solo concert, the fans asked to bring the song, Shane quite surprised you know! Finally “Beautiful in White” entered in the album “Love Always”.

Shane Filan also admitted that his wife, Gillian Walsh chose “If I Let You Go” as his favorite Westlife song, which was also delivered that night. Shane also surprised by bringing the song “Need You Now” (cover song from Lady Antebellum), for the first time on the tour this time.

At the concert this time, Shane Filan also had to share 3 posters “Love Always” given directly by him. Three lucky winners who choose directly forward one by one onto the stage. Certainly enough to envy other fans, because they can embrace Shane and selfie together.

Furthermore, Shane Filan also invited the audience to stand while singing along in the song “Uptown Girl”, a cover song from Billy Joel who also had a champion in the UK official charts when hosted Westlife.

The concert closed with ‘World Of Our Own’. An upbeat song that almost always closing the concert. The nostalgic atmosphere with Westlife is a mainstay in every concert. Confettious bursts and balloons accompanied Shane’s appearance, which must have been greeted by a chorus of audiences who had already memorized the lyrics.

Shane Filan also promised to return to Surabaya again! Thank you, Shane Filan and LCR Enterprise!

1. When You’re Looking Like That
2. About You
3. Unbreakable
4. This I Promise You
5. Swear It Again
6. Beautiful In White
7. What About Now
8. My Love
9. Need You Now
10. If I let You Go
11. Heaven
12. Uptown Girl
13. You Raise Me Up
14. World Of Our Own

Photo by: Wibie Wibisana & Hendy Liu




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Really sorry for the late updates lately I’ve been very busy and was poorly last 2 days, but feeling better now seeing pictures and videos of Shane in Surabaya 🙂




You Can See More On Their Twitter  @creativedisc


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I made a poll with 4  Picture of the Month, The photo with the highest number of votes was 70 The Picture with the most votes was Picture No. 1! and with picture number 4 with 50 votes. Thank you all so much for voting.  ♥


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After a delay due to a blizzard in Dublin, Shane Filan finally arrived in Surabaya yesterday (2/3) night. Shane Filan’s second arrival in Surabaya was welcomed by fans preparing to watch his concert at Ciputra Hall, Citraland Surabaya on Sunday, March 4, tomorrow.

The Filaners (Shane Filan fans) who have been waiting since 6 pm, immediately greeted by singing the song “Need You Now”, as soon as they saw the idol coming out of the door of T2 Juanda’s arrival. Shane Filan also kindly welcomed them and also took photos together.

Shane Filan also admitted that the arrival of both this time is certainly different with the concert in July last year, “I can not wait to perform again in Surabaya, the audience is attractive to sing together.” Shane will also bring some songs from his latest album “Love Always” released last August and of course the hits from Westlife.

See you Sunday at Ciputra Hall well, Filaners!



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A conversation with Shane Filan about what he learned from Westlife and how boybands will never die – watch


When Westlife alumnus Shane Filan dropped by Singapore last month for a showcase in support of his latest album Love Always, it sold out immediately – testament to Singapore’s (and Southeast Asia’s) undying love of the 90s Irish boyband and its honey-voiced frontman. Not one to let his fans down, Filan announced shortly after the showcase that he would be returning to Singapore in March for a full show at The Coliseum.

Bandwagon sat down with Filan earlier this month for a conversation about how a school production of Grease indirectly led to the creation of Westlife, regrettable hairstyles and outfits from the boyband’s heyday, Westlife’s most underrated song, and why boybands will never die.



Credit/Source: www.bandwagon.asia

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Following two successful solo albums and tours, Shane Filan has successfully reinvented himself as a solo artist. This time, Filan is back with his third album Love Always. Love Always features some of Filan’s favorite all-time love ballads, such as the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame”, Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, and Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”, along with some original songs.

We at August Man had the opportunity to speak to the former Westlife singer during an interview session. Charming and Delightful, Shane Filan was certainly one of the most friendly artists we’ve ever chat with.

“I wanted to record songs that were special to me when I was growing up”, said Filan when asked about the process of choosing songs that make it to the album. “Some of the songs were ideas from my manager, my producer, as well as people who made the album with me. It was like a big list of songs up on the wall and we were like, let’s try all of them, they didn’t work, let’s try all of that. But I’m glad that most of the songs that I really wanted on the album, ended up being on the album”. Filan continued.

“I took a bit of time in the middle of the album to do some writing sessions. I made the album in Metrophonics, it’s a studio in London. I’ve wrote with some of the guys there while I was working on my first album”, said Filan when asked about the process of writing the original songs in the album. “Songwriting was something that I did a lot on my first two albums. I wanted to continue doing it. I think songwriting is something that you’re constantly learning, you keep getting better and better. I’ll always write songs”. Said Filan as he continued.

Shane Filan is currently on tour to promote Love Always, featuring covers of some of the greatest tunes of all time about love, from Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” to *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You”. After Malaysia, he’ll be travelling to the Philippines, and then Indonesia.

*Special thanks to Universal Music Malaysia”

 Credit/Source; https://augustman.com

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A video of Shane’s impressions of Malaysian Things.


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SHANE FILAN: “This is an album I have been wanting to make for a long time, I love singing ballads and this album is full of some of my all-time favourite songs as well as some fan choices such as the Bangles hit ‘Eternal Flame’ which I had never thought about covering but loved recording, to one of my own personal favourites Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’. Picking the tracks was the most difficult part of the process and I wanted to put my own take on them and I’m really proud of the versions I have done. There are also three brand new original tracks that I’ve written following requests by fans for some new music and I am really proud of how they sit alongside the other songs”.



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