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Looks like Shane had a incredible time in Indonesia. so many amazing photos and videos fans posted. Here is one. as you can see he couldn’t be anymore happier. He sang Westlife songs, Beautiful In White.


#shanefilan …????

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There is a small clip of Shane singing White Christmas.

Shane Filan’s performance in North Sulawesi Christmas Festival 2016, Manado – Indonesia. Shane: Merry Christmas, everybody! ? Thank you, @shanefilanofficial. Merry Christmas to you and your beloved family ? #shanefilan #westlife #Ireland #singer #musician #artist #boyband #nscf2016 #northsulawesichristmasfestival2016 #whitechristmas #christmas #christmasfestival #Manado #Indonesia

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Another small clip Singing Merry Christma

#NSCF2016 #northsulawesichristmasfestival2016 #ShaneFilan #TotallyAmazing @shanefilanofficial

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and finally Shane’s tweet . The crowd looks amazing.

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Shane tweeted on Monday about another surprise for us.. Excited or what :). i have done a poll on my twitter account @ShaneFilanIR the tweet is below. take it if you know what it might be.


Credit/Source: Shane Filan + ShaneFilanIR

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DBS Promotions have uploaded photos of Rock The Lock on the works. Shane will be performing on Sunday the 30th. if you have tour blues and you’d like to go see him for one more time here you can buy the tickets  http://www.tickets.ie/ .









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Credit/Source: DBS Promotions

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Right Here Tour came to an end last night, With Shane doing his 101 shows since he went solo. What an achievement And What an Out standing tour is was, not one bad review from the tour.

Massive Thanks to Liz Hobbs for all your hard work on this tour we (Filaners) really appreciate it. Thank You  Tony Stott for all the incredible Photos of Shane throughout the tour. Thank You to Shane’s Tour Manager Liam McKenna for all your incredible hard work, you have the best job ever!

Shane’s band what a beautiful bunch they are, talented lads. Thanks Lads.

The Main man himself what can i say, we couldn’t be any more proud. Beautiful man with a Beautiful Voice. Look what you have achieved since you went solo, you truly deserve all the happiness. seeing you on stage doing what you do best, truly makes us so happy. Thanks for giving us such an outstanding Tour. Until Next Time







Credit/Source: Shane Filan

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A massive Congratulations to Shane for his 100th show in Portsmouth, since he went solo. What an amazing achievement Couldn’t be anymore prouder, HERE IS TOO ANOTHER 100TH, its always a pleasure to watch him do what he love to do.



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Here are a few tweets from Fans:


Credit/Source: ShaneFilanOfficial 

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Ex Westlife lead singer Shane Filan is returning to Yorkshire on Monday 17 October to play the Alhambra in Bradford, I asked him about the tour and what we can expect:

shaneYou are returning to Yorkshire in October to play a gig in Bradford, do your Yorkshire fans always give you a warm welcome?

Absolutely. We played a gig at the Barbican in York earlier this year and it was a great night, one of the best gigs on the tour. I’m looking forward to coming back to Yorkshire.

I reviewed the gig in York, you said that you had your family with you, do you always take them on tour?

I did for the York gig and those other dates around that time as it was Easter and the kids were not at school. When we tour in October they will be at school but they will be coming along to the weekend shows. They like to come and see daddy and go and explore the tour bus!

What was it like starting out as a solo artist?

It was all new territory. You become a more positive person and have to make all the decisions yourself. I threw myself into it, at the deep end so to speak. I had to grow up quickly. At the end of the day it’s all down to you.

What can we expect from the Bradford gig?

It is the same show as the one in York but we have tweaked it a bit so expect something different too. It will be a mixture of old and new, obviously there will be a few Westlife songs which I love singing. My job is to entertain the crowd, it will be a great night.

On a previous tour the stage set was an old Irish pub, was that your idea?

We did that after the first album was recorded in Nashville, I wanted to come up with something that I thought was cool. It was a relaxing atmosphere as I was able to get members of the audience onto the stage and sit down on the bar stools with me and I would sing them a song. This time though it will be a bit classier with a staircase where I start the show standing at the top.

Do you still keep in touch with the other members of Westlife?

I see them from time to time. I saw Mark the other day on the beach walking the dog. We have so much history together. I know the lads better than my brothers. We spent half of our lives together. It’s nice to keep in touch with them.

Is there a song which you wish you had recorded?

All of Me by John Legend, it’s a huge love song and I like singing those types of songs.

When you get back off tour is it hard to settle down?

I miss home and my family on tour but it usually takes around a week to settle back in. On tour I’m going to bed at 2 or 3am and wake up around noon whilst at home I’m up early with the children on the school run so it’s all their schedule.

Your audiences are usually female but I’m sure that some men would like the show.

I hear that comment quite a lot. I do get men coming to the shows but they have usually been brought along with their wives, girlfriends or partners. I do see one or two singing along to the songs. My job is to get the audience leaving with a smile on their face. I’m looking forward to this tour and seeing many faces light up, it’s good to play close to the crowd which this tour will allow me to do.

The Bradford Alhambra sounds a great theatre with so much history and atmosphere, it sounds great.

Shane Filan plays Bradford Alhambra on Monday 17 October

Tickets from:


Source/Credit: http://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/


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Now lets take a minute and appreciate this tweet. how stunning does he look. forget James Bond. His name is Shane, Shane Filan..




Source/Credit: Gillian_Filan

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How Stunning does Shane look, attending Pink Ribbon Ball.  He will be performing.



Another amazing Photo of Shane and his Beautiful Wife Gillian.





Source/Credit: https://twitter.com/breastcancernow





SHANE FILAN: “This is an album I have been wanting to make for a long time, I love singing ballads and this album is full of some of my all-time favourite songs as well as some fan choices such as the Bangles hit ‘Eternal Flame’ which I had never thought about covering but loved recording, to one of my own personal favourites Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’. Picking the tracks was the most difficult part of the process and I wanted to put my own take on them and I’m really proud of the versions I have done. There are also three brand new original tracks that I’ve written following requests by fans for some new music and I am really proud of how they sit alongside the other songs”.



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The most recent pictures of Shane Filan that have been added to the gallery 



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