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Few pictures of Shane he plays “Never Have I Ever” and “Remember That Time” with the monster. you can watch it Here.

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Westlife's Shane Filan to visit Manila and Cebu for a series of Valentine's shows


The pop singer is set to perform in three mall shows from February 9 to 11, with guests Sitti Navarro and Sabrina. 

February 9, 2018: Robinsons Place Manila feat. Sitti Navarro
February 10, 2018: Robinsons Galleria Cebu feat. Sabrina
February 11, 2018:Robinsons Magnolia feat. Sabrina


Source/Credit; www.bandwagon.asia

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Shane has arrived in Manila. He has been very busy with Promo for ‘Love Always’. He looks to be enjoying it very much.


Shane has recorded a song ‘Need You Now’ with bossagurl. it will be on Spotify and Apple music from today.


Somebody pinch me!!! 😱😱😱😍 @shanefilanofficial and I have a collab, everyone!! We recorded a song together!! Can’t wait for you all to hear it!! @mca_music says it’ll drop on @spotify and @applemusic tomorrow!! And then we’ll sing the song live at his Robinson’s Place Manila show tomorrow too!! I feel like using exclamation points forever!! Hahaha!! Oh, my fangirl heart!! 😍😍😳😱🤗❤️💓💖

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Shane did a Q&A ON MCA Music FB Page You can watch below.




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Shane Was live on Kiss 92 on FB. Doing his promo for Love Always Tour. One of the funniest interviews, he was in a funny mood, which i absolutely Love.. Fantastic News Shane will be releasing a Second single which is not on his Love Always Album, he wrote it before Christmas we can expect to hear it in the next month or so.


source/credit: Power 98FM

filanir / February 6th, 2018   Gallery,Interview,News

Shane was on Channel News Asia Yesterday, You can watch it back Here or my YouTube. He chats about Westlife his New Album ‘Love Always. Loves to listen to Rap/Eminem whiles hes in the GYM! Think Gillian should post another sneaky GYM picture hehe..


Here are a few screen shots


Screenshot_288129.jpg  Screenshot_288629.jpg



filanir / February 5th, 2018   News

It was an evening that was inundated with beautiful nostalgia and ripples of love. Like a stone that skips across the water, the hearts of two hundred fans skipped a beat that Sunday night at the Esplanade Annexe Studio as they rode the ripples and osmosis of sound waves that cascaded around the studio.



Many would remember Shane Filan, 38, from the Irish boyband Westlife. After all, who could forget songs like My Love, If I Let You Go, Swear It Again and Flying Without Wings, or even the countless visits by the band and autograph sessions that they had in Singapore in the late 90s to 2000s. I spent a good part of my mid to late teen years liking them, among the plethora of other boybands that swept the island



Returning to Singapore once again for an exclusive gig and promotional tour of his new album Love Always, it was as though all those years never left and the voice of this one member remains as mellow and heartfelt as when he first performed here those many years ago.

Indeed, some moments are timeless, perhaps some artists as well and even their songs.

Noted Filan of My Love, one of the four songs that he belted out against the undulating chorus of the audience, “Some songs aged. But not My Love. My Love is a classic…”

I reckon, like songs, we are only as old as we feel.




Of the songs sang that evening, my two favourite ones were Unbreakable and Beautiful in White, both of which are featured on his Love Always album.

There was an iridescent sadness and beauty to Unbreakable and a shining light to Filan’s vocals that melded and cascaded through the studio like strings of an orchestra playing in a grand hall. The forte of his voice was beautiful and albeit the rather loud speakers that almost drowned him out for the first part of the chorus, the colours and tones in that piece was just perfection

Beautiful in White which lyrics sound like a beautiful wedding vow written on the tapestry of a music score, was sung with such heartfelt emotion, one could almost feel the radiance of love that exuded from him.

Perhaps he was thinking of his wife and daughter when he sang it…

Closing the very short but very intimate evening with Uptown Girl, it was evident from the joy in the energy of audience who got up to dance for the song – everyone had a great evening, forging memories and moments that would be timeless…

What I love about exclusive gigs or studio performances is the intimate feeling that envelopes its entire atmosphere. There is a certain magic in the air…almost like star dust…

Filan’s gig was no exception.

There was even a mini Q&A session to his showcase, where he received a red packet “Hongbao” from a fan, sang a birthday song to another and answered a brilliant questioned by another, slightly older fan asking of his happiest moments in his live so far, to which he replied that there were four – his wife and his three children.

What a beautiful answer…




Stardust everywhere… Indeed, it was a magical night



Thank you Shane for a riveting and very special performance!


All photos taken on an iPhone6 and are © Vanessa Mostafa Photography.

Videos recorded and edited on an iPhone6 for the purpose of this review and for those who missed out.

*Shane performed at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on 4 February 2018 as part of their Love Always (Promotional) Tour. He is slated to be back in Singapore on 10 March 2018 for a full concert. Sadly I will not be able to attend as I will be in Melbourne, Australia at that time.

**About the writer: Vanessa Mostafa aka The Wandering Nessie works as a freelance artist liaison (ALO) among her other roles in FOH and BOH. In her free time, she dabbles in reviews, features, interviews and photography. Unless otherwise stated, tickets to all the performances that she has attended were bought and paid for by her. While she does appreciate the occasional complimentary ticket or invite, she does not solicit one, as other writers or bloggers may do. She writes from the heart and does it for the artist, and not the management. Her knowledge and skills in the arts management field and working with artists, gives her advantage to really understand a performance from various perspectives, which makes her reviews different from plethora of reviews that one may see online.


Source/Credit: vanessamostafa.com

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Interview with on with Shan Wee in Singapore on Mon at 6.30pm ( 10.30am UK time) you can listen live here 



Shane did a live stream on FB and IG from the Singapore Album Showcase Interview you can watch it here if you missed it or check it out on my YouTube channel ShaneFilanIR



Shane also sang Up Town Girl 




And With a bit of banter with the Fans singing If I Let You Go






Some Images from Fans


It was an evening that was inundated w/ beautiful nostalgia & ripples of love. Like a stone that skips across the water,the hearts of 200 fans skipped a beat that night @ the AnnexeStudio as they rode the ripples & osmosis of soundwaves that cascaded around. Thank you @ShaneFilan pic.twitter.com/Pn5hX3Bgh5


Thanks To Those Fans For The Updates In Singapore

filanir / February 4th, 2018   News,Photos

The Asia tour has begun, Shane posted on His IG that he has arrived in Singapore.


Singapore 1st stop 🇸🇬 see u very soon #LoveAlwaysTourAsia

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Sourse/Credit: https://www.instagram.com/shanefilanofficial/





SHANE FILAN: “This is an album I have been wanting to make for a long time, I love singing ballads and this album is full of some of my all-time favourite songs as well as some fan choices such as the Bangles hit ‘Eternal Flame’ which I had never thought about covering but loved recording, to one of my own personal favourites Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’. Picking the tracks was the most difficult part of the process and I wanted to put my own take on them and I’m really proud of the versions I have done. There are also three brand new original tracks that I’ve written following requests by fans for some new music and I am really proud of how they sit alongside the other songs”.



LOVE ALWAYS TOUR 2018Image result for shane filan love always 2018
Ticketmaster | Meet And Greet


The most recent pictures of Shane Filan that have been added to the gallery 



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