Global Future – Natural Resources

Have you noticed that all the promises we hear about Artificial Intelligent computers, time travel, and other technologies seem to always fall short? Do you believe that the scientific and technological revolution we are now experiencing will actually make it possible for us to live in a perfect world tomorrow? If so, how do you think our society will react when the upcoming scientific and technological advancements actually do break us free of all physical limitations?

Futures are a very important part of human society. People’s day-to-day lives are affected by what happens in the future. Futures are the current state of the future or the possible future. They include climate change, super storms, the energy crisis, intelligent robotic androids, stem cell research, and advancements in various scientific areas such as Nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

A recent study co-sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Oxford University revealed that futurists collectively predicted that there will be an increase in futurism within three decades. This seems to be in line with the research done by Oxford University professors Georgeenn and Karlstrom. According to Georgeenn, futurism is defined as “a general attitude of the future direction of human affairs that is inspired by the excitement of trying to foresee novel experiences and to take advantage of new opportunities.” The Oxford Dictionary defines futurism as “a future view of the future conditions of society and human affairs.”

A future thinking futurist is someone who is able to foresee various possible future events. One of the primary motivators behind using a futurist mindset is that the future will bring with it great changes, both good and bad. A futurist sees great opportunities in all areas of human interaction, and he or she applies this same outlook to business, education, government, healthcare, and transportation.

Futurists are experts on all things future-related. A good Futurist is a master of forecasting and they use advanced computer software to help them come to accurate conclusions. To help you become a future thinker, you can utilize online tools to help you analyze the various options before you and make informed decisions. You can use forecasting software to help you create charts and maps, evaluate potential impact, and learn about the intricacies of predicting future conditions. Future thinking is about using your imagination, your knowledge, and your skills to determine which actions will have the greatest positive effect on your future.

Non-mediarially grounded in philosophy and science, futurism brings forward novel answers to pressing issues confronting humanity today. Futurists envision a future society based on knowledge, creativity, and free enterprise. They promote a vision of a planet that is sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful. As one of the emerging fields of science that opposes the prevalent trends of the current scientific community, futurists are concerned with promoting a scientific approach to social issues, promoting better policies concerning future governments and the global community, and exploring alternative energy sources.

When you apply the principles of sustainable development to the current problem of environmental pollution, you are offering an integrated approach to solving some of mankind’s most vexing problems, including poverty and environmental degradation. Futurists do not deny the fact that man’s activities have had significant ecological impacts over the last century. They believe however, in the power of non-exhaustive natural resources to overcome environmental challenges and provide humankind with a sense of peace and self-satisfaction. The key is harnessing these resources to serve as the source of growth, innovation, and sustained prosperity for all future societies.

Sustainable development is a philosophy promoting economic growth and development while protecting the environment. It is a movement that originates from the recognition that human society and the earth need a collective effort to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time. By advocating for a renewed commitment to sustainable development worldwide, futurists are helping to ensure that future generations will live in a society that has provided for their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.