Main tips for taking board meeting minutes via board portal software

board portal software

A board meeting requires appropriate documentation, usually in the form of minutes. Modern online meeting platforms make it possible to create minutes almost in real time and without human intervention. Nevertheless, we should not forget the importance of such minutes for the entire company. It is a relevant legal document that has a clear structure and design requirements. How to properly conduct board meeting minutes using software, we suggest learning from our article.

Experts advise: how to properly keep board meeting minutes.

The process of corporate governance has become much simpler with the widespread introduction of software for the work of the board of directors. However, not all representatives of the business world – especially start-ups – know how to effectively use the tools of virtual platforms to organize document management in general and prepare minutes of board meetings in particular. Here are some of the most effective tips for organizing document management, and see for yourself how well they work.

Prepare for the meeting in advance

This advice may seem unimportant, but in fact, do not ignore it. It is better to start preparing for the meeting of the board of directors a few days before it actually takes place (or even weeks, if we are talking about reviewing annual reports). At this stage, experts advise collecting all documents required for the meeting, drafting the agenda, sending out invitations and reminders to all participants, selecting speakers for each agenda item, and checking the quality of the platform. At the same stage, you can prepare a template of minutes that can be used during the meeting.

Configure the platform to record the minutes

Depending on the company’s internal routines, you can record the meeting process or take notes in the prepared minutes template. You can use the platform’s tools either to create a template from scratch or to adapt an outdated form for new needs. The main thing is that the template should be easy to edit immediately and quickly make corrections.

Get the minutes of the meeting done a little later

Drafting board meeting minutes shouldn’t take too long, otherwise you risk losing important data or losing sight of it. But first, make a preliminary draft of the minutes and post them on a publicly accessible whiteboard so that members of management have a chance to review and comment on them. The important point is that the content of the minutes should accurately correspond to the agenda items and complement them.

Don’t ignore the execution of the minutes

Since the minutes of board meetings is a legal document, it should have the obligatory requisites – date, time, company name, signatures of board members and chairman, and other requisites required for company documents. If you compose a document in digital format, it must also be digitally signed and sealed, for which you can use the appropriate board portal software options.